5 Affordable Ways to Practice Self Care and Wellness

I'm very much for the wave of self care that has come on over the past few years. It's forced many of us who pride ourselves on being busy to slow down, and actually take some much needed time to unwind, and decompress.

You know the whole "you can't pour from an empty cup" sentiment? It's true. If we don't take care of ourselves we wind up run down, cranky and depleted. That means as women we have little energy to give to our significant other, kids, work, house etc.

There's SO many options, and innovative ways to practice self care these days. From a slew of different facials and skin treatments (hyrdofacials, IPL, dermaplanning, collagen lift facials - the list goes on and on) to new fitness boutiques specializing in everything under the sun, to wellness retreats, face gyms, and cryotherapy...

You get it. There's always something new popping up in the wellness space. (Especially where I live in NYC!) It would be a full-time job to keep up with - not to mention expensive.

I'm curious by nature and like to try new things. However bi-weekly massages, and hitting up every new spa isn't necessarily realistic. I feel like this is the case for many of us - we want to practice wellness, and self care but we don't have unlimited time and funds.

That doesn't mean you should give up, though.

Here are five ways to practice self care without breaking the bank.

  1. Enioy a weekend wellness brunch - you can do this solo or with your girlfriends. If I'm by myself I'd make a pot of good coffee or some cold brew, my favorite healthy but delicious brunch food - likely avocado toast (duh), turkey bacon, and whatever fruit is in season. I'd eat while either reading, or catching up on a favorite show and wearing a face mask (something I'd never have the time to do during the week.) This would also be really fun to do with your girlfriends. Have everyone bring a small dish, and their favorite inexpensive beauty treatment - nail polish, maybe some face masks from Sephora, eye pads (these are my favorite because I get puffy eyes so easily!) Tell them to wear their coziest sweats, indulge in some mimosas, and catch up on life.
  2. Grab a great book, and head to the park. So simple, and lovely on a nice day. If you're feeling antsy you can always start with a long walk, or hike.
  3. Do an online yoga flow or meditation class. I like Tara Stiles because her voice is so calming , and she has a ton of free videos on YouTube.
  4. Declutter a closet or drawer in your house. I know this sounds like work, but I'm telling you it feels GREAT when you're finished, And anything that feels good and is good for you, can be classified as self care. Even if you don't want to go completely Marie Kondo take 20-30 minutes , put on a podcast, and get rid of junk you don't need.You'll feel lighter.
  5. Get into bed early. Meaning turn OFF your phone. Then actually climb in your bed a few hours before bedtime, grab a cup of tea and maybe some quality dark chocolate. Turn on Netflix or grab a novel, and just chill. Sometimes I do this when my husband is traveling. He's the type that would never eat in bed, ha. And we don't typically watch TV in bed so it feels like a treat.

What do you guys do to practice self-care? Tell me below!

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