Things I Won't Take for Granted After Quarantining

Quarantine /sheltering in place for the last 5 weeks has made me more grateful than ever for the truly important things in life - family, friends, and good health.
But it's also made me appreciate the little things I might not think about that often during "normal" life.
I definitely wouldn't say I necessarily took all of these for granted previously, but I'm going to be extra grateful for even the mundane luxuries going forward.
And as time goes on I'm pretty sure I'll be adding to this list! (I'm also writing this well-aware it could awhile before any of these things are happening again,)

Things I Won't Take for Granted After Quarantining

  • My health , and the health of my family, and friends ( #1 by far.)
  • The coffee shop below my apartment, and how the baristas know my order, and always brighten my mornings.
  • Sitting at a table at said coffee shop or a cafe for lunch working, or reading with the pleasant background hum of strangers conversations as a soundtrack.
  • In person meetings and training sessions with clients - where there is no stress over a screen freezing, or anyone seeing the state of my bedroom.
  • Date nights - out of the house, among strangers, where you converse with a waiter, and someone else uncorks the wine.
  • Picking up flowers from street side markets.
  • That feeling when the airplane takes off and you have happy butterflies in your stomach thinking about getting to your destination.
  • Concerts & music festivals.
  • Playgrounds for my toddlers to get out pent up energy. Pushing them on the swings, the monotony of them wanting to go down the slide 100x, the knowing and sympathetic looks parents exchange when a child is having a tantrum.
  • That first really warm spring day when everyone is in a great mood, and restaurants offer al fresco seating.
  • Travel. Enough said.
  • Eating lunch without a tiny person interrupting and asking you to help them find a lost puzzle piece, wipe them, or make them their 3rd lunch of the day.
  • Teachers , and childcare workers. Also, school administrative staff. They all amaze me.
  • Getting a pedicure while listening to a podcast.
  • Sports (and how they bring people together.)
  • Kind strangers. The people who smile at each other for no reason other than it's pleasant.
  • Runs in Central Park - without the worry of accidentally getting too close.
  • Making plans with friends - whether it's to grab a workout, or head to Mexico for a girls trip.
  • Big family gatherings - the kind where everyone talks over each other, and there's a ton of good food.
  • My parents - who are on the young side for Grandparents and have the energy to help immensely with our girls.
  • The ability to wander around a new town, or neighborhood.
  • Movie Theaters.
  • Babysitters.
  • Essential workers.
  • Local businesses.
  • NYC.

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