The Best Way to Fight Bloating, How to Get Defined Abs, Why You Should Take Rest Days: Monthly Q & A

A monthly series answering your questions!

Q: What kind of meals have been your go-to's during Quarantine? I would love some breakfast and lunch ideas!

A: I've been eating pretty similarly to the way I normally would during this time. (With the exception of no meals out, obviously.) For breakfast I like oatmeal with nut butter, sprouted grain ezekial english muffins with avocado and smoked salmon , or nut butter and banana slices. I've also been into whole wheat pancakes. They feel a little more special, and indulgent which is a nice treat during this time.

Lunch wise I've been eating a lot of open faced veggie or turkey sandwiches, smoothies, or leftovers! I try to include macro nutrients in most meals - protein, healthy fats, and whole grain carbs .

Q: What's the best way to fight bloating? I get it more and more , worst at certain times of the month ... help!

A: I've been there! Some of the best ways to fight bloating are:

  • Slow down when you're eating - when you eat too quickly you increase the amount of air you swallow which can lead to gas building up in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Eat fiber rich foods that help keep things moving.
  • Drink water between meals instead of with meals.
  • Watch your intake of salty foods like the obvious chips, crackers, pretzels and also sneaky salt from soup and lunch meat etc- especially during that time of the month - when our bodies hold onto extra water.
  • Cut down on processed foods - especially foods with added sugar alcohols that are tough to digest.
  • And movement! One of the best ways to decrease pressure on the belly is to stay active.

Q: Do you take rest days from working out?

A: YES! It's absolutely essential to take days that allow your body to recover. Otherwise you're much more prone to injury, and eventually you'll burn out. Also there's some evidence that if your body does't have a chance to rest you'll plateau sooner. I usually take at least two rest days a week.

Q: What are your favorite healthier (low calorie) cocktails?

A: Some favorites are a classic vodka soda but I like to make it a little more interesting by adding fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, and/or lemon or lime wedges. I also like vodka with kombucha and fresh squeezed lemon or lime. Or a skinny margarita - I'm allergic to triple sec - so I'll just do tequila, 1 tsp light agave or honey, fresh squeezed orange juice (I just use as much as I can get from one orange) and about 3 tbsp fresh lime juice , and a lot of ice. If you need more liquid you can add a little water or club soda. I also like a dry brut champagne with a few berries tossed in when I'm feeling boujee.

Q: Do you have any fun travel plans(when Corona is over and tamed)? What's your favorite place you've traveled to?

A: We had a few things planned in the coming months - my little brother's wedding in San Diego (which was postponed for September!), a short trip to LA/Santa Monica, and we were planning on Italy and Prague this July. As of now I'm operating under the assumption that these will be canceled. And while it's disappointing I have perspective on how little those things matter in the face of what's happening in the world currently.

Favorite place I've traveled? I love this question, but am having a hard time choosing :) Internationally it's probably a tie between Greece/Turkey - where we went on our honeymoon,  Paris, or Sydney, Australia.

In the US I'm a big fan of Austin, Charleston, and Bethany Beach, Delaware where I grew up going. New Jersey beaches particularly Avalon, and Long Beach Island are also special to me.

Q: What would your dream vacation be?

A: At this point I'd take anything! A few places on my dream list are Bora Bora, the Maldives, Iceland, and Sardinia.

Q: How many times have you worn jeans since quarantine went into effect ?

A: Zero so far.

Q: I know everything is semi closed or temporarily closed right now but what are your favorite healthy, casual restaurants in NYC?

A: I like Honeybrains, Hu Kitchen, Sweetgreen, By Chloe (vegan), Candle Cafe (vegan), and Dr Smood.

Q: What's the best way to get really defined abs?

A: Genetics play a part in how defined your abdominal muscles look , but beyond that two big things:

1.) A core routine that targets ALL areas of the abdominals. With my clients I make sure we hit all these areas - transversus (lower part of abs that support waist by wrapping around the spine ) , obliques (sides) and the rectus abdominas (the muscles that run vertically up the front of abs).

2.) A mostly nutrient dense, "clean" diet.

Q: What's you're preference for stress relief - cardio or yoga?

A: Cardio. I do love yoga, but if I have to choose for me cardio is the best stress reliever. There's something about a sweaty workout that is so good for built up tension.

If you have a question email MissModernWellness@gmail.com with the subject line "Q & A" or shoot me a DM on Instagram! I will always keep names anonymous for privacy.

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