The Secret to Staying Fit During the Holidays

OK, here we go. I don't know if it's just me, but the holidays seem to start earlier, and earlier every year.

The countless holiday parties, cookie exchanges, drinks with old friends, hot cocoa, egg nog, and seemingly never ending mountains of not so healthy food at said holiday gatherings.

Do you guys relate? It can be STRESSFUL.

Let's take a trip down memory lane... in the past I would get anxious thinking about all the treats, and the lack of routine. I wanted to indulge, but I didn't want to feel terrible come January 1. I know January is when everyone is all let's kick it into gear, and extol the virtues of "detoxing". And that's fine for some people, but I'd argue there's a way to feel GOOD during the holidays while still enjoying.

When you feel good you naturally have a better time, and isn't that an integral part of the holiday season? ENJOYING yourself along with your family and friends.

Over the years through some trial and error I've realized there is a way to do both. You can enjoy freshly baked gingerbread cookies, and champagne - or whatever your holiday favorites happen to be - and still feel confidant in your little black dress come New Year's Eve.

I would never advocate missing out on the delicious holiday food, and drink. It's part of the season.

SO a part of feeling good comes down to your WORKOUTS, and fitting in SOME MOVEMENT. This doesn't mean you need to slave away in the gym everyday, and miss out on family time. It does mean you can't be come a complete couch potato, and make excuses. Whenever life gets crazy it's easy to have your workout be the first thing to go.

I'd argue that with some planning it doesn't need to be.

You can't give up your workout routine, eat poorly, and not expect to feel a negative impact.

Still you might be thinking how am I expected to fit in fitness during this busy season? Here are five of the top ways I encourage my personal training clients to stick with some routine during the holidays:

  • Calendar, calendar, calendar.  Schedule your workouts in your calendar like you would an important meeting.  View them as a non negotiable. I look at my upcoming week on Sunday nights, and calendar then especially during busier weeks.
  • Do a condensed, but more intense workout. This is the perfect time to work in shorter high intensity interval workouts to save time. I definitely workout for a shorter duration, and often less days during this crazy season. But when I do I make it count.
  • Sign up for sessions with a Personal Trainer ( TIP: a lot of Trainers actually offer a discount during this slower season before they get crazy booked in January.) Or register for classes at a studio. Spending a little money upfront works really well to help us stay accountable!
  • If you're traveling or spending time at family members homes encourage everyone to take a winter walk. It's a great way to catch up without the distraction of TV and devices.
  • Hang a resistance band in your bathroom, or pack it in your suitcase if on the road (the easiest thing ever to pack!) And get in a quick 5 minute workout like this one before you shower. Every little bit counts.

Happy Holidays, guys! What are your biggest fitness and wellness challenges during this time of year? I'd love to know!

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