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The 14 Day Program is designed to help you kickstart lasting healthy habits to feel, and look YOUR best.
The 14 Day Program Includes
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What People Are Saying About the 14 Day Tone, Lift and Burn Guide

I used the 14 day Tone, Life, and Burn program to switch up my routine and get back some motivation/excitement for working out...and boy did it work! I love the workouts. And I really liked having a plan to follow. I noticed my muscles looked tighter and leaner after just two weeks, and I feel so much more energized! The movements are just the right amount of challenging. I'll definitely be adding the workouts into my regular routine.
Madeline Scott, New York, NY
These workouts are so much fun! I love doing them with my own music or even while watching TV. I'm also obsessed with the recipes. I've made the harvest salad twice – it's so flavorful, and satisfying!
Gaby Laschender, Denver, CO
The chocolate cashew smoothie is ridiculously good! It kept me full, and tasted like dessert.
Melissa Mayer, Rocky River, OH
I'm a big fan of the 14 Day program workouts. They're short and efficient which is perfect for me, and you can feel how effective they are. The plan really motivated me.I saw results after two weeks!
Megan Lerario, New York, NY