The Best At Home Workout Equipment

Over the past year+ we've become more familiar with at home workouts than ever.

I personally love working out from home. I think of it as an extremely efficient use of time since you're cutting out any commute. And that also means eliminating barriers like traffic, weather, or days you're just not feeling leaving your house.

Also how convenient is working out in your PJs? (Some mornings that's exactly what I do. )

Even with a New York City apartment and limited space I've been able to successfully workout at home - and train clients virtually.

Once you get into a good at home workout routine it becomes second nature.

And while I believe you can get a great workout with just your body weight it's nice to have a few pieces of equipment to spice things up - and keep things feeling FRESH.  

Here are the top items I use for a well rounded, effective routine ,and also what I use with many of my own Personal Training clients.

A good mat - that you actually like looking at

Regardless of what kind of workout you prefer - yoga, pilates, or more cardio centric routines a pretty mat will inspire you to roll it out, and get moving. I also find I'm more likely to stretch in the evenings when I have an aesthetically pleasing mat around. My favorite mat right now is this white marble Unicey mat I bought on Amazon recently. It's odorless, and made from non toxic material.

A Resistance Band

I love a resistance band for two major reasons :

 1. It takes up virtually no space (hello NYC apartment living where every square inch is precious.)

2. It helps hit muscles in a different way than other resistance training equipment does. Here's an oldie but goodie quick workout you can do with a resistance band.

It's also the easiest equipment to travel with! Now that we're getting *closer* to more travel I'm looking forward to tossing my band in my suitcase for hotel or Air BnB workouts.

Set of Dumbbells  

You can do SO MUCH with traditional dumbbells. If you're in the market to buy just one pair I'd go for medium weight. For most women that usually means around 8 lbs. If you're a beginner I'd start with 5 lbs.

Bala Bangles

I recommend these if you're in the mood to switch things up! The Bala Bangles are perfect to add a little intensity to upper and lower body exercises. I wear them on my wrists or ankles for high rep, low weight toning movements and pilates. I love the Bala brand because they don't slip or move. (You can also find less pricey options on Amazon. )

A Foam Roller

Ah, my best friend. I'm not sure how my muscles survived before the foam roller. A foam roller is amazing for self applied myofascial release - which essentially allows you to get deep into your muscle spindles, and target specific areas of the body. It can work wonders on your calves, quads, pirformis (small muscle within the booty), and upper back. Just make sure you don't foam roll your lower spine on your own.

I recommend using it at night while you're watching TV. It makes me feel more productive while I'm Netflixing , and really relaxes the body at night.

Don't forget to check out my top 10 tips for motivating yourself to workout at home.

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XO - Beth

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