Products That Made My Year Better

The products that changed my life trend on tik tok / IG got me thinking about those holy grail items that made a difference in my year.

These are products that I would buy again, and that have genuinely improved an area of my life.  

We're not getting too deep here today , guys. But I hope some of these inspire you to treat yourself.

You should know I take product recommendations extremely seriously. Here (and on social ) I only share things I actually use, and see benefits from.

Skin and Beauty

These are my ride or die products that make a difference.

Gua Sha Rose Stone

Gua Sha is basically a technique that uses a smooth, thin stone to glide along the lymphatic system to improve blood circulation and drainage function.

We all wake up with fluid in our face that accumulates overnight. Using a gua sha stone for lymphatic massage can work wonders for puffiness. I see a difference in my face on the days I make time to do it.

You don't need a fancy stone, either. I use a $9 version from amazon. Tip - wash your stone between uses with a facial cleanser and clean wash cloth to eliminate bacteria.

Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads

We're all busy , we don't always have time for a facial. I love how these pads mimic a gentle peel , and help shrink pores and improve texture. I use them a few times a week at night. Whenever I feel like I have a little more texture on my face these do the trick.

I use the regular version, but they also come in ultra gentle and extra strength.

I heard Dr Dennis Gross say on the TSC podcast that he invented these because his wife couldn't make it into an office and wanted the results of a gentle peel.

LUX Unfiltered Bronzing Drops

I love a little glow especially in the winter when I tend to feel washed out. I've tried so many self tanners and this brand is the best.

I like the N 32 gradual original and the bronzing face drops. (For me a little goes a long way. )

TSC ice roller

This is a product I've been using for years but somehow became even more devoted to in 2023. I originally started using it to help with bad jaw pain from TMJ, but I also love what it does for my skin.

I tend to run puffy - especially under my eyes - so I'm all about things that can help alleviate the puff.

Ice naturally constricts the blood vessels in your face which reduces puffiness and redness. It also helps with circulation and really wakes the skin up. It's become a staple in my morning routine.

I keep mine in the freezer, and grab it while I get ready for the day.

T3 curling iron

I often get questions about how I curl my hair to get loose waves.  Back in the day I used a straightener for waves but now I swear by this curling iron.

When I started using it curling my hair got so much faster, and easier.

Recently I broke mine (by pulling the cord haphazardly when I was in a rush and bending the plug prong  ) I tried an old curling iron for a day or two and it was NOT the same. Needless to say I ordered a new one (under warranty.)


These are some of the products that help me feel my best. A part of my job is testing products and I've tried a LOT. There's so many duds out there that promise too good too be true results. This (small) list below is legit.

Sakara Detox Water Drops

If you are someone who bloats easily or has digestion complications these can be a game changer.

I typically add these to my morning water. They're also so helpful when traveling (which tends to bring on digestion issues for many of us.)

Use code XOBeth for 20% off  . This code works for all Sakara products & meal plans!

If you've been here for awhile you know I've been a fan of Sakara meal delivery for years.

Higher Dose Chill Chews

I started using these regularly at the end of the year after realizing I could use an extra source of magnesium in my diet. (Daily stressors naturally deplete magnesium .)

An added benefit is the chill chew gummies promote better sleep, and a feeling of calm. They're also antinflammatory , gut balancing and can reduce stress.

Recently when a friend was visiting she shared that she'd been having trouble sleeping. I gave her two chill chews and she said she slept better than she had in months and immediately ordered some.

I take anywhere from 1 to 3 gummies most nights, and I've noticed I fall asleep faster and more soundly.

Hu Chocolate

Okay Hu has been a longtime favorite. Their chocolate bars and chocolate covered hunks are the best little treat at the end of the day. And I like that they're organic and made with simple, quality ingredients.

My current favorite is the almond butter puffed quinoa dark chocolate bar.

They now have milk chocolate bars which are also ridiculously good. Their chocolate bars are a perfect treat to gift for Valentine's Day - or enjoy yourself.

Use code MODERNWELLNESS to save on your order.

Theragun Mini

I originally bought this for my husband who tends to have a lot of neck and shoulder inflammation and pain. But I ended up using it often as well. It feels so good on tight muscles, and helps work out kinks and knots.

I love it as a recovery tool after workouts.

The Random

Productivity Time Block Cube

You may be thinking why would I need a time block cube when I could just set an alarm on my phone. I get that. But I'd argue that it's difficult not to become distracted by our phones every time we touch them.

I like using this cube for work related projects, organizing around the house etc. It's also really helpful for those tasks we want to procrastinate on.

The Daily Stoic Book

Another morning routine staple. There's a single page for every day of the year.

I've read one passage from this book every day for the past three years, and still get something out of it.

One of the guiding principles of Stoicism is focusing on what's in our control . Ryan Holiday, the author, has a particularly adept way of translating ancient philosopher's writings into practical advice that can apply to anyone.

*If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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