SAKARA : My honest review and FAQ

If you follow along on instagram it's no secret that I've been enjoying SAKARA's meal delivery service for awhile.

I've actually used their delivery service for years before I partnered with them. And when they reached out I was genuinely psyched. (I take product recommendations super seriously.)

Sakara's plant based meal service and clean boutique products (specifically the probiotic and chocolate beauty collagen) have done so much for my health - inside and out.
Nothing, and I mean nothing will make your skin glow, or your gut happier than flooding it with nutrients. SAKARA's meals are jam packed with nutrient dense ingredients.

(If you're just here for the DISCOUNT CODE it's XOBeth for 20 % off any meal plans, or clean boutique products.)

So what makes SAKARA special ?

Before SAKARA my perception of meal delivery services was unappetizing , stale food that just didn't seem appealing at all. SAKARA is actually the polar opposite of that.

Their meals are so colorful and fresh. One of my friends recently tried SAKARA, and she described the meals as "restaurant quality."

Another friend told me she ate SAKARA the week of her period and while she usually experiences PMS symptoms (cramps, bloating, headaches, irritability) she had ZERO that week. I paid attention to my own cycle the next month while eating SAKARA and had the same results. It was wild, but all the plant based goodness and superfoods really do effect hormone health, our energy levels, and how GOOD (or not) we feel.

The Delivery

Something about getting the thoughtfully prepared box of meals makes me feel at peace. When it arrives I suddenly have a feeling of "oh yessss I can handle whatever is thrown out me - and I will feel good doing so." It sounds dramatic, but the effect is real.

The meals come thoughtfully packaged, and fully prepared.

Even the presentation feels luxe , and I love that the food comes in recyclable containers with all the ingredients spelled out.

Depending on what's going on during my week, and how much $ I want to spend some weeks I'll do lunches only or breakfast + lunch. You can pick which meals make the most sense to have ready based on your life, and schedule.

If you aren't ready to commit to 3 meals a day this is a great option. You can also order in increments of just two days, three days, or do all five days. SAKARA posts the full menu (and ingredient list) for all the meals on their site the week prior.

So, onto the FOOD and more importantly how it tastes.

When I get these meals I truly feel like I have my own private chef. Nutrition is a form of self care - especially on those days when it's a challenge to muster energy for anything but cereal for dinner.

I'm constantly impressed that plant based, healthy food can be brimming with so much flavor. These meals never make me feel like I'm sacrificing a thing. I'm not vegan - and neither are most of my friends and clients that eat SAKARA - but I've never heard anyone say they felt like they were missing anything.

One heads up - if your body isn't used to eating a lot of vegetables and fiber you may feel slightly bloated or experience a minor "full" feeling when you first begin enjoying the meals. This is completely normal. You can easily counteract it by drinking water. And won't feel like this beyond a day or two. In fact you'll likely feel your body DE-BLOATING and your digestion at its best when you eat SAKARA.

I recently asked you guys on instagram what questions you had about SAKARA. Check out my responses below.

Do you have to cook the meals?

NOPE! There is an options with some to quickly heat, but it's not a necessity. Sometimes I heat the stir fry style meals or soups, though I like most of them cold.

Do they fill you up?

Yes! Their meals are thoughtfully prepared with enough protein and fiber to keep you full.

Do you see or feel a difference with your body when you eat them?

Definitely. The biggest differences I notice is my skin is more glowy and bright, my belly feels flatter, and my energy level is amazing.

SAKARA Founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle

How often do they change the meals?

Every week! They use seasonal ingredients, and keep things fresh. Some of the mostly highly rated meals are repeated here and there. I love this because I definitely have my favorites (which include the goji rose donut, grilled cheeze and tomato soup, and daydreamer soba noodles... drooling just thinking about these...)

I just ordered the metabolism boosting powder and I'm so excited to try it! Recommendations on how to use it?

Sure! I like it mixed with almond milk, ice, maybe a handful of frozen berries or 1/2 a frozen banana - smoothie style. Sometimes I'll add a little iced coffee to this mix. It's also great served hot "latte style" mixed with milk. I'm also very into their BRAND NEW bar version - The Metabolism Super Bar.

Do you have to take the metabolism super powder everyday for it to make a difference ?

No. I don't typically take it everyday (though you certainly can.) It's also perfect to turn to when you feel a little bloated, or lethargic after a weekend of treats.

I remember you saying there was a Sakara product you loved for skin - what was that ?

The beauty chocolates !

Use the CODE XOBeth for 20% off your first order of any meal delivery, or clean boutique items. Let me know if you have any other questions on the meals or products! (Email MissModernWellness@gmail subject line "Sakara", shoot me a DM, or comment below.)

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