6 Coping Tips for Quarantining at Home

A large percentage of the US is now quarantining at home during COVID-19. I'm 100 % in support of staying home, and doing what we can to flatten the curve. As the weeks go on this lifestyle is starting to feel like a "new normal" that we all have to cope with.
Believe me I've had my moments, but every time I start to feel down about aspects of this new existence we're all navigating I snap out of it - and consider what's at stake, and how many people are suffering.
The essential workers who are on the front lines putting themselves at risk daily so that we can stay home safely are always on my mind.

I recognize that we're all trying our best to cope with the reality of the impact of COVID-19, and also the reality of quarantining at home. That said, some days are going to be tougher than others. I don't think anyone should be hard on themselves for feeling mixed emotions. Lately I've been relying on a few ways to mentally reset when things feel particularly bleak.

  1. Take Things One Week At a Time. I'm a planner. I like to know what I'll be up to three months from now. I thrive on having events, work projects, and travel to look forward to. However as time goes on I'm realizing I can't plan out the next month, or the next. And once I decided to let that go I realized I'm almost finding it refreshing to live in the present, and focus on what I can control in the moment.

  1. Use the Top 3 Method. Everyday when I wake up - or sometimes at night because falling asleep lately has been dicey - I think about the top THREE things I'd like to focus on for the day. During the week two of those are typically work related, and the third may be something like trying a new recipe, taking a long walk, reading a book for 30 minutes before bed, connecting with old friends etc. I find it's less overwhelming than putting pressure on to do ALL the THINGS simultaneously.

  1. Get Outdoors. On social the other day I mentioned how getting outside even for just a few minutes was a big mental health booster for me - and so many of you responded in agreement. Obviously take the recommended precautions, and always remain a safe distance from others. I particularly like getting out mid day when I usually experience a dip in energy, and am more prone to anxious thoughts. I've tested taking a walk either right before or after lunch lately, and it really does help.

  1. Fit In Workouts. There's going to be days where we can't muster the strength to change out of sweatpants and into leggings...but endorphins from exercise are more important than ever. In this post I give Quarantine Fitness Tips , and two free workouts you can do at home with zero equipment.

  1. Eat Intuitively, and Don't Be So Hard on Yourself. You guys know I'm all about eating nutrient dense foods, but I also strongly believe in balance. Am I drinking more wine than I usually do? Uh yes. Baking more? Yep. Finding your own balance in the current climate is really important. I advocate figuring out ways to work in vegetables and fruit - smoothies are great right now because you can easily use frozen ingredients. Eating healthfully will also help support your immune system. But if you're also craving more comfort food than usual don't beat yourself up about it. Work in those treats 20% of the time, and aim for whole foods the other 80% of the time.

  1. Schedule in Something Fun, and Try to Separate Your Days. I'm using the term "schedule" pretty loosely here. I do think it feels good, though, to have some separation between the weekdays and weekends. And beyond that the work day and leisure/family time Monday through Friday. Since we're staying with my parents right now, and they are a HUGE help with Sloane and Sydney I've started giving them my meeting schedule and working hours. I'm trying (emphasis on trying) not to work too much beyond that especially during family time. During the weekend we've played shuffle board, taken longer walks, had dance parties, sat outside with a beverage, and generally tried to make things feel a little more festive than the weekdays.

I'm thinking of you, and your families during this difficult time. Take care of each other by staying home, and staying positive - Beth

PS - I've had a lot of questions on if I'm accepting new virtual personal training clients right now. The answer is YES, but space is limited. Head here , and fill out the inquiry form to learn more.

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