Girl Crush Spotlight: Lizzie DeLacey , Creator of the Bodypeace App

Meet Lizzie DeLacey ! I originally connected with Lizzie on Instagram (where else?) I love her holistic approach to health, and wellness. She's the founder of Bodypeace App where she shares yoga-inspired workouts, along with healthy and easy recipes. She's a real ray of sunshine, and if you aren't following her yet you should be!

1. Tell us about yourself! How did your wellness journey begin?

I did ballet for a number of years when I was younger, and had always been interested in movement and fitness. Unfortunately I ate like most preteens and teenagers did: fast food, lots of sugar, lots of processed foods. In college I started becoming more and more interested in food as fuel, and eventually changed my major from biology to nutrition. Since then I have been very health conscious and enjoy learning about new and emerging scientific studies in fitness and nutrition.

2. What things have been keeping you sane during the craziness of the past few months?

Sticking to a regular routine as much as possible has kept my psyche and circadian rhythms in check, though not every day has been perfect! I personally find that routines, especially morning routines, set people up for success and train the mind and body to get ready for an energized, productive day ahead. The first hour of my day usually looks the same every day, and I think that has kept me motivated and positive during these crazy times. Taking a walk outside without technology every morning has also helped me start my day on a calm note, knowing that the news and social media will likely introduce some level of stress later in my day.

3. I personally love watching your stretching videos! Can you share with readers why stretching is so important to you?

Thank you so much!! I know as the creator of a yoga based app, what I’m about to say might sound a little biased, but I think stretching should be important to everyone! From a physical perspective the body benefits from stretching by keeping muscles and joints supple, which in turn result in fewer injuries and better athletic performance. Psychologically, stretching helps calm the mind by focusing your attention on bodily sensations rather than distracting, stressful, or negative thoughts!

4. What's your go-to healthy lunch?

With as busy as I am, I have to say my lunch is usually whatever healthy foods I have at hand that work well together in a bowl! Most times that’s an abundant salad with lots of fresh, leafy greens or it’s a Buddha bowl style meal with a grain, beans, and roasted veggies. Pretty much whole food, plant based goodness with lots of colors, textures, and flavors!

5. Favorite form of exercise?

Right now I’m back on my yoga kick. Before quarantine, I was doing a lot of Barry’s Bootcamp, but I also overexerted myself right before gyms closed down in my area! Between the physical stress of trying to heal my body and the mental stress of the pandemic, I turned back to yoga for my daily workouts. Some days I just do a short, 20 minute session to stretch my body and get my lymph flowing, and other days it’s a sweaty 60 minute session with meditation at the end to keep me sane!

6. What does Wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness is how we holistically treat our bodies, minds, and spirits. Good wellness is when everything is working in harmony to be a fully optional human being; nutritious diet, healthy exercise, self care acts, stress reduction tactics, positive relationships, and nurtured spirituality.

7. Anything else you want to share?!

I’m so glad you’re doing this newsletter (and blog) as I’m in extra need of positive female inspiration right now!! If anyone wants to find me, they can reach out to me on social media platforms at @lizziedelacy or on my app Bodypeace. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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