10 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout At Home

I'm always interested to learn about different peoples preferences when it comes to fitness, and where they like to get it done.
Some people love a studio environment, some like working with a Personal Trainer to motivate them, and make sure they're staying accountable, others prefer solo jogs- and those who love saving time "commuting" to a workout are all about an at home workout...

If you fall into that last camp - like I often do - than dang girl consider yourself lucky in 2020.

Pre- COVID there were obviously more options outside of the home. This year has forced many of us to take our workouts no further than our living room. And the good news is exercising at home is completely doable - no matter what size your home is.

Still sometimes it's tough to motivate when your couch or bed are so conveniently located close by your "gym space."

Here's 10 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout At Home

...Even on the days you'd rather be on the couch (because we all have them.)

1. Figure out what time of day works best for you. When are you most likely to actually get it done? For some that's first thing in the morning before the obstacles of the day interfere (or their children wake up.). I love a lunch time workout because it gives me extra energy for the afternoon, and it's a nice break in the middle of the work day. But I know that's not for everyone. Experiment and find what works for YOU.

2. Follow a Plan. Studies show that we're more likely to follow through on execution if we feel prepared. This is one of the reasons I created my at home FREE 14 Day Tone, Lift, and Burn Program. You guys said you wanted something that told you exactly what to do so I included a proposed plan for each day of the week (which includes rest days!)

And if you'd rather add the workouts to your existing schedule you can do that too! If you haven't yet head here to download the program - it's free for a limited time :)

3. Play Music that pumps you up. Lizzo,Jay Z and old school rap always does it for me. I've also been into the song "Body" by Loud Luxury featuring Brando lately. Try it.

4. Carve out a comfortable space. It doesn't need to be spacious, but dedicating a certain area to your workout can help. And don't be afraid to move furniture. I live in an NYC apartment so creating my own spacious home gym is not an option, but simply moving my coffee table and laying out my yoga mat works.

5. Don't Stress about the length of your workout. I firmly believe small acts can add up to results over time. Any minutes are better than no minutes. You don't need to workout for a certain arbitrary amount of time for it to "count." One of the reasons I suggest doing the workouts in the Tone, Lift, and Burn program anywhere from 2-5 x is because it all COUNTS, and I want you to have the flexibility to fit what YOU can into your day.

If you're a parent one of my favorite tricks is to simply roll out my yoga mat in front of my kids, and start moving. Most of the time they join in and we all get in a mini movement session. Does it last longer than 15-20 minutes? Not really, but it's something.

6. Bribe Yourself. OK, I love this one. Sometimes it's as simple as taking a hot shower post workout. Other days when you need that extra incentive promise yourself a pedicure, a little online shopping... whatever feels like a bit of a treat to you. In the winter I love getting into my coziest sweats and drinking hot cocoa post workout while watching a Christmas movie. It feels amazing.

7. Invest in just a few pieces of equipment. You really don't NEED any equipment to get in a good workout. There's tons of great body weight workouts you can do. But I find that sometimes mixing in equipment can keep people from getting bored. I'd start with light to medium dumbbells, a resistance band, or ankle weights.

8. Check in. Find a virtual workout buddy. Someone you can check in with to stay accountable. I have a few instagram friends who mentioned they are pairing up for the challenge and texting each other to stay motivated. And if you need a buddy I'm here! Send me an email and I'll be happy to text with you!

9. Visualize How You'll Feel After. After almost every workout I take a moment to recognize how GOOD I feel. I encourage my clients to do this as well - and they say it works too! Soaking in how great you feel post workout helps your brain crave those endorphins, and over time I becomes easier to motivate.

10. Don't aim for perfection. You will miss days, things will get in your way and that is OK. When you recognize that it's about progress not perfection it's easier to let go of that all or nothing mentality.

XO - Beth

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