10 Things My Kids Taught Me During a Pandemic

The past year has been one of extreme togetherness coupled with extreme pangs for all those people we love and miss that we don't live with.
Brad and I have often talked about the silver lining as we - like you - navigated this alternate reality that became our lives.
While in some ways I can't believe it's been a year since COVID hit the US ...through the good days, and the not so good/panicked/overwhelmed days I know we'll look back at this time, and be grateful for all the extra time with Sloane and Sydney. And beyond that for all the little lessons they've taught us.

10 Things My Kids Taught Me During A Pandemic

1. If you're in a MOOD take yourself outside for some fresh air (and perspective.)

2. Somedays call for a cookie before dinner.

3. The best moments happen when you put your phone down.

4. Reinvent yourself anyway you please - you don't need to be any one way. (My three year old is often a brave firefighter in the morning, a tired princess at lunch, and a Dr. by the evening.)

5. Always make friends with your local baristas (whether they are making your matcha, or hot chocolate - they are very important people in your life.)

6. An impromptu dance party is the best cardio.

7. It's entirely possible to go from insanely happy to miserable and pissed within a span of minutes (sometimes several times a day.)

8. Missing people isn't just for adults. People of all ages need their friends.

9. If a 3 year old, and 5 year old can wear a mask for hours without complaint so can we.

10. Celebrate everything you possibly can. We've started commemorating half birthdays with cupcakes and little gifts, really soaking up the sunny days with ample time outside, and making it a point to cheers (with wine or a sippy cup) to every weekend.

A rare day out of our lounge clothes.



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