Boob Shame, Eating Disorder Awareness, Best Short Workouts: Monthly Q & A

Hey, hi, hello! I decided to start a new monthly question & answer blog series.
You guys have had so many good questions, and I thought it would be nice to have a monthly chat where you can ask me anything.
And we're getting into IT - nothing is off limits!

I'll always keep names anonymous for privacy! If you have a question for next month DM me on IG or email MissModernWellness@gmail.com with the subject line "Q & A."

February Q & A

  1. What are you favorite leggings to work out in? I know everyone loves Lululemon, and I do too but my most comfortable workout leggings that fit like a second skin are Athleta. I particularly like the lighting tights - though you might want to size down. (For reference I'm a small in some brands but wear an XS in Athleta.) I also love Alo Yoga! They have so many good patterned leggings.

  1. What's your favorite quick workout? My favorite quick workout depends on my mood! It's either a speedy high intensity interval workout using my own body weight (think push ups, a plank series, tricep dips, lunges...) OR if I want something more calming I'll do a 10-15 minute yoga flow. I always tell my clients any minutes are better than no minutes! 

  1. Do you count calories? Do you recommend that approach? I'm going to do an entire blog post dedicated to this topic because I had a few questions on it, and my answer is lengthy. I don't consistently count calories , BUT I'm very aware of what's in my food. I GENERALLY (there are exceptions) only recommend clients counting calories when they are first starting out on a health or weight loss journey. It's a good idea to know how many calories you are consuming so we can determine where adjustments should be made to reach goals. Some people have no idea and having that knowledge can help inform their decisions. But I definitely don't believe in being obsessive about calories as it can take the joy out of eating.

  1. Do you have breast implants? So sorry if that's too personal - don't feel like you have to answer if it is. No I don't. And no worries I don't mind personal questions :) My chest size has fluctuated through the years, but I guess I've always had a good amount going on up there. I actually used to REALLY dislike having any boobs, and felt shame around it... especially in high school when I started getting attention from boys. I felt like my body wasn't my own when others would comment on it. It was just a generally bad feeling for a teenage girl to have. But when I went to college and realized how many of my friends were getting augmentation (which I'm for if it makes YOU feel comfortable) I realized maybe I should just appreciate what I had :)

  1. What is a good vegetable to add to my breakfast smoothie? I love spinach or frozen cauliflower because you can't taste them. Kale is good too - but I feel like it has a stronger aftertaste.

  1. Have you always been a really healthy person? Have you ever struggled with your weight? No, I haven't always been a completely healthy person. When I think back it makes me sad that I didn't have more appreciation for my body, and all it does for me. I think from the outside I've mostly looked "healthy" but when I was younger I definitely STRUGGLED INTERNALLY. I had a period of time where I went back and forth between restricting myself to a caloric number that was way too low and inevitable binge eating when I'd get too hungry from under eating. I had a form of disordered eating, but wasn't aware of it until it got to the point where I couldn't sustain the pattern any longer. I'd wake up and feel so bloated from overeating the night before - my face would be swollen and my stomach would hurt. So I'd map out everything I wouldn't be eating that day and restrict to make up for it - and the cycle would start again. It wasn't until I got so UNHAPPY with this pattern that I made major changes. This was before I studied nutrition comprehensively, and became a Sports Medicine/Personal Trainer - and while I can't speak for others my profession and the way that I think about the body these days has made a HUGE POSITIVE difference in my relationship with food. I eat what makes me feel good with plenty of room for treats, and I never feel guilty. This answer is getting lengthy so I think I'll delve deeper into this in another blog post! As a side note - this week happens to be Eating Disorder Awareness Week. What I know for sure is there is no ONE face of an Eating Disorder. If you are struggling or know someone who is please know you aren't alone, and reach out to a Dr. or ED therapist. And if you need advice or just to vent I'm here!

  1. Favorite vegan protein powder? I like Thrive Market's brand, and the Tone It Up Protein powder (chocolate flavor.)

  1. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life what would it be? This is tough! Either a soft and chewy fresh chocolate chip cookie, or dark chocolate covered pretzels.

  1. What do you think about the keto diet? I heard you can't have avocados on it? You actually can have avocados (a healthy fat) on keto, but it eliminates most carbs. I'm not a huge fan of any diet plan that severely restricts or eliminates food groups or lengthy lists of foods because they are typically NOT sustainable. You will likely lose weight , but it's very tough to keep off unless you're super strict. There's also a potential for long-term keto dieters to experience low blood pressure, kidney stones, and nutrient deficiencies among other side effects. My approach is all about learning HOW to make room for all foods in moderation while reaching your goals.

  1. If you only had 5 - 10 minutes in the morning to workout what would you do? I'd do jumping jacks, a plank series, squats, and tricep dips. If you have a resistance band I'd recommend my 5 minute band workout .

Have a question? Email MissModernWellness@gmail.com, leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram!

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