7 Simple Ways to Have Your Best Fall Ever

Fall is in full swing. Since for many of us it's one of our favorite times of the year I wanted to take a minute, and reflect on how we can get the most out of it.

Where I live in Connecticut the leaves have started to change. As I write this the sun is shining, and the air is slightly crisp. It's the kind of perfect fall day that makes you want to put on your favorite cozy sweater , sip some chai, and plan a visit to the apple orchard. All the cliche fall things...

But as Target loves to remind us with their prominently displayed Christmas and New Year's decorations in October (ugh) this time of year goes all too quickly.

So let's lean in and enjoy the season while we can.

Here's Seven Simple Ways to Have Your Best Fall Ever - and feel happier, healthier , and more productive.

1. Go to bed 20-30 minutes earlier than you normally do. It doesn't sound like much, but I've been experimenting with this over the past few weeks, and I feel so much more refreshed when I make it happen. It's also nice to not feel so rushed in the morning.

2. Plan a date night in for yourself. Do all your favorite self care things. Some ideas - make yourself a nice meal (or order in your favorite take out ) play the Michael Buble channel while cooking to really set the mood ,take a long bubble bath complete with candles and a book, watch a halloween or fall-esque movie (When Harry Met Sally is a fav, the changing NYC leaves are magic) light a fall candle, and just get cozy. You don't need a partner to treat yourself to a nice night in.

3. Eat the frog.  Essentially this means doing the toughest thing on your to do list  FIRST. If you're at all prone to procrastination this can make a big impact. I used to move around my most dreaded or challenging work to the end of the day. I always felt like certain work and tedious tasks were looming over my head. Getting it done first thing feels so good. This can also apply to your workouts if that's the thing you procrastinate.

4. Cook with seasonal produce. Some of the best produce this time of year:

+butternut squash
+acorn squash
+sweet potatoes. My family loves this sweet potato recipe.
+ brussels sprouts
+ beets
+ cranberries
+ kale
+ figs

5. Lean into your feel good rituals. As it starts to get dark earlier it's easy for our moods to shift. I'm definitely effected by less sunlight. Doubling down on the things that make you feel good can help. For me that means prioritizing movement, eating lots of nutrient dense foods that give me energy, taking time to unwind, and scheduling fun things to look forward to into my calendar. And don't forget to protect your energy.

6. Organize/ assess your closet, and donate! If you only do one of these from this list I'd say let this be THE ONE. I can't stress enough how much clearer you feel mentally when spaces you use daily (aka your closet) are organized. It's also a million times easier to get dressed when you get rid of those things that no longer serve you , fit right or as Marie Kondo puts it "brings you joy." I've become better at this over the years ... I realized it's not wasteful to say farewell to things that you aren't using or wearing. If something is in good condition, and you hesitate to donate it you can always sell on Poshmark or offer it up to a friend.

7. Get in movement outside. This is arguably the most comfortable time of year to walk and run (at least on the East Coast and MidWest areas of the country.) It's definitely when I personally feel most inspired to run. The foliage doesn't hurt, either.

Fall is fleeting. Take time to be present, and enjoy it.

No fall list would be complete without a mention of apple picking and the pumpkin patch. Expected or not that's always one of my favorite family traditions.
Happ Fall y'all.

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