Fall Walking Challenge

There's something about witnessing the change of seasons on foot. I'd argue it feels particularly special in the Fall - the foliage, the crisp air, the ability to throw on a light jacket or hoodie before it turns to puffer weather.

When I lived in NYC I walked everywhere... to grab my morning coffee, to work, to preschool drop off, to dinner dates...

Now that we live in Connecticut walking isn't naturally built into life in the same way. My small town is still pretty walkable. There's nearby coffee shops, restaurants etc, but I also have a car and for the sake of time and convenience driving often wins out.

Sometimes I miss walking as my main mode of transportation (and the benefits it provides.)

I've heard a similar sentiment from many of you - you recognize the physical, and mental benefits of walking and want to fit more in.

SO I wanted to create a simple challenge to help us :

  • feel our best as we head into the busy holiday season
  • get in effective and gentle movement
  • mindfully appreciate the changing seasons
  • support our mental health

The 7k a day walking challenge is an effective (and uncomplicated) way to do just that.

Why 7k?

We often hear about 10k as the goal , but it's actually a pretty random, arbitrary number. The idea of walking 10k steps a day was invented as part of the marketing campaign for a pedometer ahead of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. (There was no scientific date to back up the #.)
I've heard from a lot of people that don't live in cities, or have desk jobs that 10k can be tough to regularly hit. And instead of shooting for less they tend to give up, and over time become more sedentary.
Beyond that I'm looking at this as a walking challenge vs a daily steps challenge.

7k is a solid, not so intimidating number that can make a positive impact on your health goals, and daily calorie expenditure.

Can you count the random steps you take through the day as part of the 7k?  

Up to you!
I don't use a daily step tracker , but I do bring my iPhone on walks and track that way. Again the idea is to get in more intentional movement through walking.

Do I need to hit this # everyday?

Again - this is up to you. My goal is 7k walking steps 5-6 days a week. If you think 3 or 4 days (or whatever #!) is more realistic for you do that! My advice is to choose your number of days, and track weekly. Crossing off the days you meet your goals always feels so good.

Any advice ?

One approach is to split your walks into shorter breaks through the day.
It's also helpful to block the time in your calendar the way you would for any appointment.
Most of us hit between 3500-4000 steps  in 30 minutes.
Some ideas to fit steps into your day:
  • Take a morning walk to grab your coffee
  • Head out at lunchtime while listening to a podcast
  • Make plans to catch up with a friend on a walk
  • Run errands on foot whenever possible
  • End the day with a sunset walk
  • Take a family walk while your kids ride bikes around the neighborhood
  • Check out a local hiking trail on the weekend

As extra motivation I'll be giving away two gift cards from Alo Yoga and Vuori Clothing.

How to enter:

Post a photo and tag @missmodernwellness with the hashtag #mmw7kaday. (A walking scenery photo, your sneakers, a selfie - whatever !) Each photo & tag counts as one entry.

Originally this challenge was scheduled for the month of October but I've heard from many of that you'd be interested in extending - so let's keep it going into November!

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