Three Low Calorie Summer Cocktails You Have to Try

If you've been following me on Instagram for awhile you know I enjoy a refreshing cocktail.
I've found ways to fit fun drinks (and wine) into a healthy lifestyle, and have no qualms about It. When clients ask if they need to go cold turkey on libations to reach their fitness goals I'm able to confidently say NOPE - because over the years I've discovered ways to lighten my cocktails up, and reduce sugar to avoid hangovers - and chemicals!

Back in college my girlfriends, and I used to order bacardi and diet cokes, or whatever pretty drink was on the cocktail menu. Yep - it was pretty much sugar and chemical city. YIKES.

But those days are long gone ( like my low rise denim) and I'm so happy to share a few low calorie summer cocktail favorites with you guys.

This summer is without a doubt different than expected for everyone, but that doesn't mean we can't find simple ways to make it more festive. Right? Right.

So mix one of these healthier summer cocktails up, and pretend you're on a tropical vacation (even if you're sitting on your patio listening to your noisy neighbors.)

I also included directions to turn each Cocktail into a Mocktail for those who aren't interested in alcohol - or are pregnant and don't want to feel left out. (I've been there.)

Strawberry Basil Champagne Spritz

If you like bubbly you'll LOVE this one. The splash of club soda cuts down on the sugar, and helps you stay a little more hydrated.

Muddling the strawberries a bit adds so much flavor! And they're fun to eat when you're finishing your drink.


+ 1/2 cup champagne

+ 2 splashes club soda

+ 3 sliced strawberries

+ 1 sprig basil

Make it a mocktail: Skip the champagne, and sub fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.

Skinny Watermelon Margarita

Margaritas are one of my absolute favorite summer drinks. But I'm allergic to triple sec - it makes me break out in crazy hives . (A typical margarita with a triple sec pour has 11 + grams of sugar so it's one I don't mind skipping too much, anyway.)

I've had to perfect a margarita without triple sec to get my fix. And this one is a real winner.

It's a go-to summer patio drink - super refreshing, and watermelon is high in water content so it's a great choice for a mixer.


+ 2-3 shots tequila

+ Juice from one lime

+ 2 cups watermelon chunks (or take a shortcut and pick up my favorite watermelon juice.)

+ Ice

Make it a mockail: Skip the tequila, and add another cup of watermelon juice with a splash of water.

Day Drinking Aperol Kombucha

When we went to Italy a few summers ago I noticed everyone was drinking an Aperol Spritz poolside during the day. The alcohol content in an Aperol Spritz is a little lower than in most cocktails so that makes it an easy day drink option.

Since then the classic Aperol Spritz has clearly blown up in the US!

Recently I wasn't feeling Prosecco, and I was in the mood for Kombucha. But wanted to spice it up - and that's how this cocktail was born. I didn't even miss the prosecco!

Plus this recipe lowers the alcohol content more by omitting it - so if you don't want something too boozy it's a perfect choice.


+ 1/2 small bottle kombucha

+ 3 ounces Aperol

+ A few squeezes of either fresh orange (for a more classic taste) or grapefruit

+ Ice

Make it a mocktail: Skip the Aperol and replace it with 2 -3 ounces of club soda or sparkling water like La Croix.

Okay, I think it's almost time to trade in my iced coffee for one of these babies, and kick off 4th of July weekend.

Tag @MissModernWellness on instagram when you try one. Enjoy, friends!

If you're in need of a summery salad this watermelon cucumber combo is a crowd pleaser.

PS - I'm listening to the Hamilton soundtrack while writing this post - highly recommend that soundtrack as background music while working/writing. I'm seriously nerding out over the release of the movie version on Disney Plus tomorrow !

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